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My Pal Tiernan’s Coloring Book 1

My Pal Tiernan's Coloring Book 1: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1983267740
This uniquely illustrated 40-page coloring book keeps children engaged, entertained, and in high spirits for hours! Take it on long car, train, bus, or airplane trips; or for coloring at home—it’s recommended for any occasion!

Each black and white page has quirky and amusing images of cats and their surroundings. This activity book is for children of any gender or age (although generally ages 2-7 enjoy it the most). Please remember…drawing or scribbling inside any or all of the pages is definitely encouraged—it’s all up to you!

My Pal Tiernan’s Coloring Book 1 is the first coloring book in the My Pal Tiernan book series. The My Pal Tiernan series also includes colorful, rhyming story/picture books (in ebook and paperback formats).

Order your coloring book now, and soon enough it’ll be time to color away, y’all!


Hey Tiernan! Where’s Your Tail?

Hey Tiernan Where's Your Tail?: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CWGBQRM
Pru’s the new cat in town—and she has one teeny-tiny question for her new pal Tiernan…
“Ummm…where is your tail? I see that you’re fully tail-free.”

LIGHTBULB! Tiernan turns Pru’s question into the perfect lesson for the day: everyone is an individual and we need to embrace each other’s differences. In other words…unique is chic…to vary can be merry…rare shouldn’t scare! (You get the idea.)

Hey Tiernan! Where’s Your Tail? is the first story/picture book in the My Pal Tiernan series. These books, available as e-books or paperbacks, are full of colorful illustrations, told in fun rhymes, and are full of cats, cats, and more cats!

Companion coloring books (paperback only) are also available in the My Pal Tiernan Series.

Don’t forget…

Whether bedtime or storytime,
If you’re big or small.
For anyone and any time…
Get your rhyme on, y’all!


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