Author and Illustrator J. Christy McKibben

J. Christy McKibben is an author, illustrator, and freelance writer and editor. Christy graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Communication. Christy had previously earned an Associate of Applied Science degree in Practical Nursing from Hennepin Technical College (Brooklyn Park, Minnesota), and currently holds a Licensed Practical Nurse license from the state of North Carolina.

A former preschool teacher, Christy misses the everyday interactions with the children, especially their unique voices and views of the world, as well as waiting to hear the new idea being formed as you see that “lightbulb” click in their and illustrator j. christy mckibben

Christy believes it’s essential to have quality, entertaining, colorful books in which children can learn important lessons, oftentimes without the realization that class is in session.

Also having a high regard and compassion for all animals—Christy has an especially heartfelt fondness for cats. Volunteering at a no-kill cat shelter in her area, Christy enjoys working with other volunteers to care for (and play with) the kittens and cats. She’s also very appreciative of the opportunity she’s been given to write and edit the shelter’s weekly newsletter.

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