Sparkle’s Bio

Sparkle the cat 's bio.

Sparkle is one of the stars of the new book Hey Tiernan! Where’s Your Tail? book 1 of the series My Pal Tiernan. Sparkle is a made up cartoon cat, so please don’t think you can adopt him, and bring him home! 🙂 Please see his official bio below.

Sparkle the cat's bio. https://mypaltiernan.comSparkle is one of our most popular cats at Tiernan’s no-kill cat shelter. He’s a blue-eyed seal point Siamese (mixed). Sparkle’s outgoing, he gets the other cats to jump around, run, and play; whether they started off wanting to or not! On the rare occasion he can’t get someone to play with him, he’s fine playing with a ping pong ball all by himself.

Sparkle LOVES having his picture taken, always hamming it up for the photographer. He’s very athletic, he plays games, dances; there seems to be no limit to his talent! Sparkle’s at the facility with his brother Taika, a handsome grey tabby with green eyes. See photo below of the two brothers.

Lovin’ life is the best way to describe our boy Sparkle.

Sparkle on!

Brother cats Taika and Sparkle.


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